Citrine Bracelet With Fortune Charm

Citrine Bracelet With Fortune Charm

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Faceted Citrine beads from Brazil set in 925 Silver with VE fortune charm.

Citrine is the perfect stone for those seeking financial abundance and abundance in life. Known as themerchant's stone, this gemstone can bring growth, prosperity, protection, and good luck. When meditating with the Citrine, hold it in your hands and set an intention for wealth and abundance.

 Bead size is 7MM 

Transparent and without inclusions

Quality AAA+

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For WOMEN: XS(13,5cm) S(14,5cm) M(15,5cm) L(16,5cm)

For MEN: S(15,5cm) M(16,5cm) L(17,5cm) XL(18,5cm)


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