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Raw Tourmaline and Silver Obsidian freeshipping - VictoriaEnso
Rough Tourmaline and Silver Obsidian Bracelet

Rough Tourmaline and Silver Obsidian Bracelet

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Our signature design featuring rare silver sheen obsidian and organic shape tourmaline crystals, finished with VictoriaEnso 925 silver bead. Wear this bracelet solo or in combination with other bracelets for a trendy look. 

Black Tourmaline

Good for: Protection & Wealth

Tourmaline (Australia) protective stone against electromagnetic smog, radiation, and negative energies of all kinds. It is a powerful mental healer, balancing the right-left hemispheres of the brain & stimulating negative thought patterns into positive ones.

Chakra : Base                                                                                                                                                 

Silver Obsidian

Good for: Balance & Protection

Obsidian (Russia) is a protective stone formed from volcanic grass, helps to remove negativity and imbalances. It is a very powerful and creative stone. Brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion and constricting beliefs. Provides support during life changes, helps to manifest dreams.

Chakra: Root, Third Eye

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